Comparative Study of the Postoperative Complications of Microvascular Surgery in Elderly and Young Patients

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Free flap reconstruction of complex defects has revolutionized cancer and trauma treatment and offers a reliable and efficient method for reconstructing tissue defects. We analyzed the donor, flap, and systemic complications in an aging group and in a group of younger patients to identify whether age is an important factor in complication rates. This study was a retrospective review of the medical records of 43 consecutive patients who underwent free flap reconstructions. Patients were divided into two groups according to age (group A: younger than 60 years, group B: 60 years or older). We analyzed the free flap types and donor site, flap, and postoperative systemic complications. Statistical analyses were performed to determine the influence of age on complication rate. Donor site complications developed in three cases in group A and in three cases in group B. Flap complications occurred in 17 cases in group A and in 5 cases in group B. Systemic complications occurred in two cases in group A and in five cases in group B. Age did not have a statistically significant impact on free flap complications, and old age was not a risk factor for free flap surgery.

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