Introduction to the Current Concepts in Lower Extremity Reconstruction by the Italian Society for Microsurgery
Limb and Flap Salvage in Gustilo IIIC Injuries Treated by Vascular Repair and Emergency Free Flap Transfer
Role of Negative Pressure Therapy as Damage Control in Soft Tissue Reconstruction for Open Tibial Fractures
Vascular Grafts and Flow-through Flaps for Microsurgical Lower Extremity Reconstruction
Below Knee Stump Reconstruction with a Foot Fillet Flap
Muscle versus Fasciocutaneous Flap in Lower Limb Reconstruction: Is There a Best Option?
Retrospective Analysis in Lower Limb Reconstruction: Propeller Perforator Flaps versus Free Flaps
Achilles Region Soft-Tissue Defects: A Reconstructive Algorithm Based on a Series of 46 Cases
The Propeller Concept Applied to Free Flaps and the Proposal of a “Clock Flap” Nomenclature