Consenting on Principles of Rehabilitation Nursing Care: A Delphi Study

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PurposePatient-centeredness, evidence-based interventions, and interdisciplinary teamwork have been described as key in neurological rehabilitation nursing. In order to develop future action plans, a group of Swiss rehabilitation nurses sought agreement on concrete principles that led the efforts to develop a common understanding of rehabilitation nursing care in Switzerland.DesignA three-round Delphi study was conducted.MethodsLiterature-based statements were formulated and sent out twice to 54 rehabilitation nursing stakeholders. In the third round, the participants ranked the three most important statements out of 13.FindingsHighest priority reached the statements: Rehabilitation nursing care (1) considers the uniqueness of the patients and their family, (2) offers support that promises the greatest potential for patients and their family, and (3) uses evidence-based knowledge.ConclusionStatements on patient- and family-centeredness were ranked highest. Patients and families’ preferences have to be considered as much as evidence-based knowledge and interventions to support patients and family.Clinical RelevanceThe study supported the discussion on action plans and enlivened new services and nursing interventions in a Swiss nursing community.

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