VIIth International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation, 14–17 August 2011, Bonn, Germany
Vernon George Pursel, 1936–2011
Review on International Trade with Boar Semen
The Current Value of Frozen–Thawed Boar Semen for Commercial Companies
Capacitation and Capacitation-like Sperm Surface Changes Induced by Handling Boar Semen
Effect of Freezing on Sperm Nuclear DNA
Colloid Centrifugation of Boar Semen
Antioxidant Mechanisms and their Benefit on Post-thaw Boar Sperm Quality
Stress Preconditioning of Boar Spermatozoa: A New Approach to Enhance Semen Quality*
Plenary Contribution to International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation 2011. Genetic Selection for Freezability and its Controversy with Selection for Performance
International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation (ICBSP): The First 25 Years
Stress and Dietary Factors Modify Boar Sperm for Processing
Assessment of storage effects in liquid preserved boar semen
Do CASA Systems Satisfy Consumers Demands? A Critical Analysis
New Aspects of Boar Sperm Encapsulation
Biological Markers of Boar Fertility
Field Data Analysis of Boar Semen Quality
The Potential Risk of Infectious Disease Dissemination Via Artificial Insemination in Swine
Mechanisms of Sperm Storage in the Female Reproductive Tract: an Interspecies Comparison
Maternal Communication with Gametes and Embryo: A Personal Opinion
Approaches Towards Efficient Use of Boar Semen in the Pig Industry
Freezing-thawing induces alterations of the nucleoprotein-DNA binding through the breaking of disulfide bonds in boar sperm
Cryopreservation of boar semen does not modify the regulation of GSK-3 mediated sperm motility
EGTA-containing thawing extender improves the fertilization ability of cryopreserved boar sperm
Negative effect of glycerol on the peri-nuclear theca of boar sperm
Field fertility of frozen boar sperm: a retrospective report spanning 2007 to 2010 comprising over 2000 AI services
A simple post-thawing quality threshold can improve in vivo fertility of frozen boar semen
Changes of sperm motility, membrane integrity and lipid peroxidation during liquid storage of boar semen
Effects of AMP-activated kinase inhibitor compound C in the quality of extended boar semen after long-term storage at 17°C
Incidence of sperm with cytoplasmic droplets in boar ejaculates is associated with reduced responsiveness to bicarbonate in vitro
Expression analysis of porcine aromatase (CYP19) as a specific target gene in testis
Characteristics of boar semen stored at different temperatures
Post-epididymal maturation of boar spermatozoa
Actin cytoskeleton and tyrosine phosphorylation in sex-sorted boar spermatozoa
Age-related changes in quality and fertility of porcine semen
Membrane lipid peroxidation in boar spermatozoa subjected to different handlings
Relationship between numbers of inseminated motile boar sperm cells and reproductive performance of sows
The effect of prostaglandin addition to low number of frozen-thawed boar sperm on fertility following PG600® induced estrus
Differences in the lipid fingerprinting of boar and bull sperm detected by MALDI-TOF MS
Effect of boar semen quality parameters on post-thaw sperm motility
Boar spermatozoa survive freezing after Single Layer Centrifugation with Androcoll-P
Sublethal stress treatment of boar semen before cryopreservation enhances cryotolerance - solutions for treatment protocols
Individual boar variations in frozen-thawed semen supplemented with different OEP concentrations
Tacrine can significantly improve motility of frozen-thawed boar spermatozoa
Effect of different types of sugar in the freezing extender on the qualities of cryopreserved boar semen
Freezing procedure can result in more serious apoptosis of boar spermatozoa than bull spermatozoa
The heat-shock protein family: are all members good predictors of the ejaculate freezability in boars?
Boar sperm from good freezability ejaculates maintain inner Cu/ZnSOD levels for up to six hours after thawing
Role of glutathione and procaine to stabilize the protamine/DNA complex after freezing and thawing of boar spermatozoa
DNA fragmentation after boar sperm preservation by heat-drying or freezing without cryoprotectant
Evaluation of Piau swine breed semen submitted to three freezing protocols
Influence of seasonality on the thawed boar semen under tropical conditions
Effect of dilution temperature on boar sperm quality
Effect of semen processing procedures on quality of cooled boar spermatozoa
Cooling of concentrated spermatozoa for boar semen transport: effects on sperm viability and sow fertility
Resistance of liquid preserved boar spermatozoa to temporarily chilling
Changes in responsiveness to capacitating stimuli in chilled boar spermatozoa in vitro
Supplementation of refrigerating boar semen extenders with antioxidants
Influence of ejaculate portion and preservation method on the in vitro characteristics of boar spermatozoa
Influence of seminal plasma and extender on the quality of highly diluted boar semen
The effect of a plant protein component of boar semen extender on apoptotic-like changes in the spermatozoa
Improving boar semen quality by polyunsaturated fatty acids feed additive
The effect of volume and sperm number on the quality of extended boar semen after long-term storage at 17°C
Characteristic of acrosome integrity in boar semen extended in medium term and long term extenders and stored for 10 days at 18°C
Apoptotic-like changes in the spermatozoa of fresh and stored boar semen and the quality of embryos produced in vivo
Seasonal changes in boar sperm DNA fragmentation
Introducing a novel CASA System for semen analysis
Effect of the frame rate and the number of frames per capture on boar sperm CASA analysis
Leja-4 chambers toxic effect on boar sperm motility depends on manufacture date
Boar sperm plasma membrane integrity assessed by eosin-nigrosine and SYBR14/PI: a comparison
Assessment of the fertilizing ability of trehalose/cryopreserved boar sperm by the Dual HOST/BBC assay
Measurement of intracellular calcium dynamics with Fluo-4 AM in frozen-thawed boar sperm by flow cytometry
Incidence of sperm with cytoplasmic droplets in boar ejaculates is associated with reduced responsiveness to bicarbonate in vitro
The relationship between sperm nuclear shape and boar fertility using Fourier harmonic analysis
Single layer centrifugation with Androcoll-P can be scaled-up into 500 ml tubes
Fertility of boar spermatozoa prepared by single layer centrifugation in in vitro fertilization (IVF)
Recommended procedures of insemination of sows and their probable consequences
Fertility of sows after AI with extended semen from two portions of boar ejaculate, stored at 5 or 17°C
Whey proteins in the commercial extender TRIX Cell + improve the performance of boar semen: prolonged storage capabilities and higher litter size
Implications of dose volume and sperm concentration in pig post-cervical artificial insemination
Seminal plasma and spermatozoa modulate gene expression in the porcine uterus
Bacterial and fungal burden in fresh and diluted boar semen
Bacterial contamination of boar semen and its effect of sperm quality parameters during conservation
Antibiotic effects on boar sperm motility and movement characteristics
Bacterial contamination of boar semen and antibiotic sensitivities
Antibio-treatment of boar semen infected in vitro with bacteria: time and concentration dependence of antibiotic action
Variation on PCV2 - DNA shedding in boars' continuous ejaculates and semen quality in PRRS (-) farms in Venezuela
Dicol®: new concept of bacterial contamination control in boar semen
Decoupling dosing of antibiotics from degree of boar semen dilution: a necessity?
Improving fertility through reciprocal translocation identification in pigs
Effect of parity and lactational body weight loss on reproductive performance of a modern sow genotype
Sex-preselected piglets derived from surgical artificial insemination with sexed sperm
DNA fragmentation in sex-sorted, frozen-thawed boar sperm