The Expression of Thrombopoietin and its Receptor During Different Physiological Stages in the Bovine Ovary
The Comparison of Antioxidative/Oxidative Profile in Blood, Colostrum and Milk of Early Post-partum Cows and Their Newborns
Effects of Season and Superovulatory Treatment on Embryo Yields in Fine-Wool Merinos Maintained Under Field Conditions
Progesterone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Levels in Blood of Boer Goats During Puerperium Out-of-Season in a Mild Climate Region
Effects of Induction of Ovulation with GnRH or hCG on Follicular and Luteal Blood Flow in Holstein–Friesian Heifers
Determination of the Correlation Between Stallion’s Age and Number of Sex Chromosome Aberrations in Spermatozoa
Irreversible Damage in Ovine Ovarian Tissue after Cryopreservation in Propanediol: Analyses after In Vitro Culture and Xenotransplantation
Impact of Ovarian and Uterine Conditions on Some Diagnostic Tests Output of Endometritis in Postpartum High-Yielding Dairy Cows
Effects of Heavy Metals and Pesticides on Buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) Spermatozoa Functions In Vitro
Fertility Following CIDR Based Synchronization Regimens in Anoestrous Nili-Ravi Buffaloes
Effects of Breeding at the Second Oestrus or After Post-Weaning Hormonal Treatment with Altrenogest on Subsequent Reproductive Performance of Primiparous Sows
Maturation Competence of Swamp Buffalo Oocytes Obtained by Ovum Pick-Up and from Slaughterhouse Ovaries
In Vitro Maturation and Fertilization in the Nilgai ( Boselaphus tragocamelus ) using Oocytes and Spermatozoa Recovered Post-mortem from Animals that had Died because of Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak
αvβ3 Integrin may Participate in Conceptus Attachment by Regulating Morphologic Changes in the Endometrium during Peri-implantation in Ovine
Spatial and Temporal Gene Expression of Fn-Type II and Cysteine-Rich Secretory Proteins in the Reproductive Tracts and Ejaculated Sperm of Chinese Meishan Pigs
Oestradiol Enhances Plasma Growth Hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Concentrations and Increased the Expression of their Receptors mRNAs in the Liver of Ovariectomized Cows
Effects of Guaiazulene on In Vitro Bovine Embryo Production and on mRNA Transcripts Related to Embryo Quality
Quantitative Determination of Progesterone (P4) in Canine Blood Serum Using an Enzyme-linked Fluorescence Assay
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Ram Sperm Frozen in Tris Egg-yolk and Supplemented with Superoxide Dismutase and Reduced Glutathione
Induction of Parturition with Aglepristone in the Majorera Goat
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Follicular Fluids from Normal and Cystic Follicles in Sows
Effects of Hormonal Supplementation on Nuclear Maturation and Cortical Granules Distribution of Canine Oocytes During Various Reproductive Stages
Effect of trans-10 cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid on Bovine Oocyte Competence and Fatty Acid Composition
Cultivation with Untransfected Fibroblasts Stimulates Proliferation of a Single Gene-Modified Fibroblast Derived from a Clawn Miniature Swine Foetus
Truncation of the mRNA Cap-Binding Protein eIF4E is Specific for the Non-Invasive Implantation in Pigs
Inhibin-α Immunohistochemical Expression in Mature and Immature Canine Sertoli and Leydig Cells
Extenders Containing Dimethylformamide Associated or Not with Glycerol are Ineffective for Ovine Sperm Cryopreservation
Prediction of Parturition Date in the Bitch and Queen
Advances in Recombinant Gonadotropin Production for Use in Bovine Superovulation