Interactions between Straw Size and Thawing Rates on the Cryopreservation of Agouti (Dasyprocta aguti) Epididymal Sperm

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ContentsThis study verifies the interactions between straw size and thawing rates and their impact on the epididymal sperm from this species. Caudae epididymidum from 10 agoutis were subjected to retrograde washing using a coconut water extender (ACP-109c®). Epididymal sperm were evaluated and extended in ACP-109c® plus egg yolk (20%) and glycerol (6%). The samples were packaged in 0.25- or 0.50-ml straws, frozen in liquid nitrogen and thawed at 37°C/1 min or 70°C/8 s, followed by a re-evaluation. The use of 0.25-ml straws thawed at 37°C/1 min provided a value of 26.6% for sperm motility. No interactions between straw size and thawing rates were verified on agouti sperm (p > 0.05), but when 0.5-ml straws were thawed at 70°C/8 s, sperm vigour decreased significantly (p < 0.05). It is recommended that the agouti epididymal sperm cryopreserved in ACP-109c® extender should be packaged in 0.25- or 0.50-ml straws and thawed at 37°C/60 s.

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