Total Cell Number and its Allocation to Trophectoderm and Inner Cell Mass in In Vitro Obtained Cats' Blastocysts
Serum Levels of Cardiac Markers NT-proANP and NT-proBNP in Brachycephalic bitches at Different Gestational Stages
Fertility Assessment in Sorraia Stallions by Sperm-Fish and Fkbp6 Genotyping
Morphology and Aquaporin Immunohistochemistry of the Uterine Tube of Saanen Goats (Capra hircus) : Comparison Throughout the Reproductive Cycle
Effect of Follicle Size on In Vitro Maturation of Pre-Pubertal Porcine Cumulus Oocyte Complexes
Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number in Spermatozoa of Fertile Stallions
Pre-Selection Test to Identify High Responder Donor Goats
Effect of Heat Stress on Concentrations of Faecal Cortisol Metabolites in Dairy Cows
Apoptotic Cell Localization in Preantral and Antral Follicles in Relation to Non-cyclic and Cyclic Gilts
The Effect of Oxidative Stress on Thawed Bulk-Sorted Red Deer Sperm
Effects of Interferon-Tau and Steroids on Cytochrome P450 Activity in Bovine Endometrial Epithelial Cells
An In Vitro Evaluation of Biochemical Processes Involved in Lead-Induced Changes on Ram Spermatozoa
Genetic-Quantitative Study of the First-Service Pregnancy Probability of Murrah Heifers
Effects of IGF-1 on In Vitro Culture of Bovine Preantral Follicles are Dose-Dependent
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen S Gene is an Effective Carrier Molecule for Developing GnRH DNA Immunocastration Vaccine in Mice