The Accelerate Study: The Longitudinal Effect of Speed of Processing Training on Cognitive Performance of Older Adults

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ObjectiveExamine the short-term and long-term impact of speed of processing training on cognitive performance in older adults.Study DesignRandomly assigned, 2-group experimental design with assessment periods at baseline, immediately after training, and at 2 subsequent annual points.SettingLaboratory.ParticipantsOlder adults (N = 159) with speed of processing impairments.InterventionsSpeed of processing training group or a social contact Internet control group. Participants in both groups received approximately ten 1-hr training sessions.Main Outcome MeasuresCognitive measures.ResultsSpeed of processing training resulted in improved performance on two measures of information processing (Useful Field of View and the Starry Night tests).ConclusionsSpeed of processing training produced significant processing speed improvement that was robust over a 2-year period.

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