RSAP is pleased to announce the winning authors for its annual Best Paper Award among articles published in 2011, Todd Boyle, Thomas Mahaffey, Neil MacKinnon, Heidi Deal, Lars Hallstrom, and Holly Morgan, for their paper titled Determinants of Medication Incident Reporting, Recovery, and Learning in Community Pharmacies: A Conceptual Model appearing in Volume 7, Issue 1 of the journal. The following is a description of the award
Goal-attainment scaling
Service quality in community pharmacy
Drug experts of the future, today?—Depiction of the pharmacist profession in Swedish professional and lay print media
Effect of certain angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on mortality in heart failure
Does combining antiretroviral agents in a single dosage form enhance quality of life of HIV/AIDS patients? A cost-utility study
An evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Purdue Pharmacist Directive Guidance Scale using SPSS and R software packages
Immigrant pharmacists in Portugal