Novel Intrapleural Therapies for Malignant Diseases

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Pleural malignancies, either primary or metastatic, are common and problematic clinical issues in thoracic oncology and pulmonary medicine. Malignant pleural mesothelioma and metastatic pleural effusions often present late in the course of a disease and have a dramatic impact on the patient's quality of life and survival. Novel approaches to manage mesothelioma and malignant pleural effusions are desperately needed and the pleural space provides a unique platform as an easily accessible body cavity for developing and assessing these treatments and their responses. In this review, we discuss the unique intrapleural chemotherapeutic, immunotherapeutic and genetic treatments that have been investigated, as well as those under current clinical development. While responses have been demonstrated to variable degrees with all these approaches, an integrated multimodality approach incorporating these methods with other anti-neoplastic interventions ultimately will ensure the best responses and patient outcomes.

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