Successful Treatment of Lung Cancer by Multimodal Endobronchial Interventions

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The innovation of thoracic interventions, such as endobronchial ultrasound and photodynamic ablation, has changed the interventional management of lung cancer. In this case report, we discuss the case of a successful treatment of endobronchial squamous cell carcinoma occluding the left upper lobe bronchus by a minimally invasive transbronchial approach. This case was initially planned for a sleeve left upper lobectomy. The careful assessment of radiological and ultrasonographic imaging concluded that the tumor was early-stage lung cancer. Multimodal endobronchial treatment cured the lung cancer without a thoracotomy. Pulmonary function was well preserved and no recurrence was found for more than 5 years. Even in the presence of a bulky endobronchial tumor, if there is no clear evidence of extraluminal invasion by computed tomography scan, a local bronchoscopic staging of the disease is mandatory.

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