Pulmonary hydatid disease diagnosed by bronchoscopy: A report of three cases

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Pulmonary hydatid disease is an important clinical problem where echinococcal infection is endemic. Bronchoscopy is unnecessary in patients with pulmonary hydatid disease who present with a typical clinical picture and radiological appearance. However, it may be performed when a tumour is suspected or when the radiological picture is atypical. This case report presents three patients with pulmonary hydatid disease diagnosed by bronchoscopy. All patients were male, aged between 24 and 30 years, presented with pulmonary symptoms and had an abnormal CXR. Bronchoscopy showed whitish membraneous material in all three patients and biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of hydatid disease. Cystectomy was performed in two patients and right pneumonectomy was performed in the third because of pulmonary artery involvement. Bronchoscopy may be valuable in the diagnosis of pulmonary hydatid cyst disease in patients with atypical clinical and radiological presentations.

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