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Purpose:Report occurrence of late-onset choroidal metastasis from breast cancer.Methods:Retrospective chart review.Results:The authors report 3 patients with choroidal metastasis from breast cancer that presented more than 20 years after diagnosis of the primary tumor. The choroidal metastases were the presenting feature of metastatic disease in all three patients, but after imaging, all patients had metastasis elsewhere as well. Two of the patients' tumors were known, ER+, and the hormone receptor status of the third patient was unknown. All three patients were treated with aromatase inhibitors with good response.Conclusion:Late onset of metastatic disease, an excellent response to hormonal therapy, and a prolonged survival despite presence of systemic disease suggests a milder variant within the broad category of breast cancer patients with uveal metastases. Awareness of this entity can minimize the risk of misdiagnosis and avoid potentially toxic local therapy.

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