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To evaluate the efficacy of intraocular infusion of troxerutin in the inhibition of fibrin formation after vitrectomy in a rabbit model.


Lensectomies and vitrectomies were performed in a masked fashion on seven eyes treated with a 10-mM infusion of troxerutin and on seven control eyes that received only a balanced salt solution infusion. Masked grading of intraocular fibrin formation and intravitreal hemorrhage was performed for 1 week.


On postoperative days 1 and 2, the control group exhibited a greater mean fibrin index (MFI) percentage than the troxerutin-treated group (day 1,27.7% versus 19.5% MFI; day 2, 14.5% versus 6.1% MFI, respectively). On postoperative day 3, both groups showed an MFI of 1.8%. On postoperative days 5 and 7, both groups showed only minimal presence of fibrin. Neither of the two groups had an increased rate of intraocular hemorrhage.


Infusion of 10 mM troxerutin resulted in a relative decrease in the amount of fibrin produced without an increased risk of intraocular hemorrhage in treated eyes compared with controls, but the difference was not statistically significant. Further studies may be warranted to evaluate the optimal dose of troxerutin alone or a possible role for its use in conjunction with other drugs employing a different mechanism of action in the prevention of fibrin formation.

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