CHOROIDAL MELANOMA: Does Endoresection Prevent Neovascular Glaucoma in Patient Treated with Proton Beam Irradiation?

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To evaluate the efficacy of endoresection after proton beam radiotherapy to prevent neovascular glaucoma (NVG) in patients treated for choroidal melanoma.


From a series of 4,867 patients treated for choroidal melanoma were prospectively recorded in the database (Macro Infermed 3.075). One hundred and seventy-one patients presenting a tumor diameter >10 mm and thickness >5 mm treated with proton beam (PB) radiotherapy were selected. One group of 63 patients was treated with PB therapy followed by endoresection (PE) of the scar. This group was compared with 2 historical matched controlled groups: 57 patients treated with PB therapy alone (P) and 51 patients treated with PB therapy followed by transpupillary thermotherapy of the scar (PTTT). Main outcome measures are as follows: age, gender, tumor diameter, tumor thickness, pre- and posttreatment visual acuity, NVG rate, secondary enucleation rate, and 5-year survival. Statistical analysis was performed using R version 2.5.1 software.


Correlations between the 3 groups were P = 0.29 for age, P = 4.7×10−12 for tumor diameter, and P = 6.44×10−4 for tumor thickness. Comparison between the 3 groups showed that 2-year survival without secondary enucleation was 96.2% for PE, 88.8% for P, and 98% for PTTT (P = 0.203) (95% confidence interval). Two-year survival without NVG (95% confidence interval) was 92.7% (85.1–1.00) for PE, 54.6% for P, and 62.1% for PTTT (P = 0.0001). The difference between the endoresection (PE) group and the PB radiotherapy (P) and PB radiotherapy + TTT (PTTT) groups in terms of reduction of the NVG rate was statistically significant. Relative risk of developing NVG was calculated with the P group as reference, relative risk = 1. The relative risk of the PTTT group was 0.79 (20% reduction of the risk), and the relative risk of the PE group was 0.18 (82% reduction of the risk of developing NVG).


This study shows that endoresection of the necrotic scar after PB radiotherapy reduces the risk of NVG and secondary enucleation for selected choroidal melanoma patients.

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