Coley's toxin and BCG vaccine in prevention and treatment of malignant melanoma in humans

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Malignant melanoma is the most severe form of skin cancers in humans. Incidence of this malignancy is still increasing worldwide. The highest incidence is mentioned in Australia (50–60/100,000 of cases). Success of malignant melanoma therapy depends on the stage of disease revelation. Localized cutaneous melanoma is generally well curable. The main problem is the treatment of advanced malignant melanoma with distant metastases. Therapy of this malignancy is based on surgical resection of lesion, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biochemotherapy, and so on. The current results of malignant melanoma treatment are unfortunately often unsatisfactory. Improvement and enhancement of efficacy of contemporary immunotherapeutic methods should be in the forefront of interest. Renaissance of the old concepts of immunotherapy (Coley's toxin and Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine administration) could be one way to reduce possible adverse effect of standard methods of malignant melanoma treatment.

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