Complications of Cervical Epidural Nerve Blocks with Steroids: A Prospective Study of 790 Consecutive Blocks

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Two hundred-fifteen patients who underwent 790 consecutive cervical epidural nerve blocks were followed prospectively for a six-week period for early as well as delayed complications. Two patients sustained unintentional dural puncture. Both patients ultimately required cervical epidural blood patch. Three patients experienced vasovagal syncope during CSENB. Two of these patients required intravenous fluids and ephedrine to treat the symptomatic hypotension and nausea associated with the syncopal episode. One late complication of superficial infection at the injection site was noted. This infection was treated with incision and drainage and oral antibiotics. The patient recovered without sequela. From the above data, it appears that CSENB represents a safe modality in the treatment of a variety of painful conditions.

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