Molecular analysis of the SLC22A12 (URAT1) gene in patients with primary gout

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To analyse the SLC22A12 (URAT1) gene in primary gout patients, first-grade relatives and healthy controls and the possible association of them with demographic and clinical data.

Subjects and Methods

We included 69 consecutive patients with diagnosis of primary gout, as well as 29 first-grade relatives and 120 healthy volunteers. Demographic and clinical data were obtained from the patients and relatives. DNA was purified from peripheral blood and all 10 exons of the SLC22A12 (URAT1) gene were sequenced.


We found six different mutations in the SLC22A12 gene in 16 out of 69 (23%) patients with primary gout. Five mutations were in exon 5 and one in exon 4; five out of six mutations were heterozygous (one compound heterozygous) and one homozygous. The C850G mutation (exon 5) was found in 11 gout patients, these patients have lower levels of triglycerides than the rest of the group: 160 ± 56 vs 292 ± 203 mg/dl (P=0.038). In one family, we found SLC22A12 mutations in three relatives within exon 5. We did not find mutations in the other exons studied (1–3 and 6–10), nor in any of the 10 exons of the 120 healthy volunteers.


We found several mutations in SLC22A12 gene associated with primary gout, the definite role of these mutations in URAT1 activity needs to be further studied.

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