Identification of : a case-control studyIL-7: a case-control study as a candidate disease mediator in osteoarthritis in Chinese Han population: a case-control study

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Objectives. Little is known about the biochemical mediators IL-7 that correlate with the initiation and progression of OA. We performed this study to assess the role of variants of IL-7 in OA susceptibility in the Chinese Han population.

Methods. We performed a retrospective, case–control study in the Chinese Han population from 2013 to 2015. Four single nucleotide polymorphisms were genotyped (using a ligase detection reaction) in 602 patients and 454 controls. Differences between groups were analysed, and association was assessed by the odds ratio (OR) and 95% CI.

Results. Among these polymorphisms, rs2583764, rs2583760 and rs6993386 showed no significant association with OA in the Chinese Han population {rs2583764 [P-allele = 0.98651, P-genotype = 0.40392, OR (95% CI): 1.00162 (0.83066, 1.20775)]; rs2583760 [P-allele = 0.384500, P-genotype = 0.58752, OR (95% CI): 0.69859 (0.30996, 1.57449)]; rs6993386 [P-allele = 0.69525, P-genotype = 0.50712, OR (95% CI): 0.96432 (0.80406, 1.15653)]}. However, the results showed that the rs2583759 polymorphism was significantly associated with OA [P-allele = 0.00 P-genotype = 3.86 × 10−30, OR (95% CI): 0.27794 (0.22407, 0.34476)], even when the 10 000 times permutation was performed (P-allele-permutation < 0.00010, P-genotype-permutation = 0.00010). Haplotype analyses showed A-G-A-C, A-G-A-T and G-G-G-C of rs2583764–rs2583760–rs6993386–rs2583759 were risk factors for OA, both before or after the 10 000 times permutation, indicating IL-7 to be associated with OA.

Conclusion. There was a significant association between IL-7, especially rs2583759, and OA in the Chinese Han population.

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