Production of Intergeneric Hybrid Between Dwarfing Polish Wheat (Triticum polonicum L.) and Aegilops tauschii Cosson. with Reference to Wheat Origin

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Dwarfing polish wheat is a dwarfing accession of Triticum polonicum L. from Xinjiang of China. In the present study, the artificial hybridization between dwarfing polish wheat and two accessions of Aegilops tauschii Cosson. (AS60 and AS65) was carried out, and the F1 hybrids were obtained successfully without using embryo rescue techniques for the first time. The crossabilities of hybrids T. polonicum × Ae. tauschii (AS60) and T. polonicum × Ae. tauschii (AS65) were 1.67% and 0.60% respectively. Only the hybrids of T. polonicum × Ae. tauschii (AS60) germinated well, and 24 F1 hybrid plants were obtained. All the F1 hybrid plants grew vigorously, and the morphological traits were similar to bread wheat. The F1 plants had some obvious traits inherited from T. polonicum and Ae. tauschii and were completely sterile. Chromosome pairing in the hybrid was characterized by a large number of univalents, with an average of 20.56 and 0.22 bivalents per PMC, and no ring bivalents and multivalents were observed. Furthermore, the potential value of the F1 hybrids between T. polonicum and Ae. tauschii for studying wheat origin and breeding are discussed.

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