Voles (: Allozymic and Karyological DivergenceMicrotus: Allozymic and Karyological Divergence Schrank, 1798) of the Russian Far East: Allozymic and Karyological Divergence

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The intraspecific and interspecific differentiations of voles of the Russian Far East with respect to allozymic and karyotypic characteristics have been studied. The morphologically similar but karyotypically different species Microtus oeconomus, M. fortis, M. maximowiczii, and M. sachaliensis are characterized by considerable allozymic differentiation. In these voles, the allozymic differentiation has been found to increase in the order adjacent populations-subspecies-species. The interspecific allozymic differentiation of the chromosomally polymorphic M. maximowiczii-M. evoronensis-M. mujanensis does not exceed the intraspecific differences in M. oeconomus, M. fortis, and M. maximowiczii. The results are analyzed in terms of the allopatric and stasipatric models of speciation. The taxonomic status of M. maximowiczii gromovi is considered.

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