A case report of a neck abscess caused by Ochrobactrum anthropi in a previously healthy person

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We present a case report of a previously healthy adult with a neck abscess following an infection with Ochrobactrum anthropi. The abscess was punctured under ultrasonic guidance and pus was extracted for bacterial culture. Antibiotic susceptibility tests were performed on bacterial isolates using standard methods. Bacterial culture indicated that the causative organism was O. anthropi. Based on its antibiotic sensitivity, the patient was intravenously infused with 2 mg/ml of levofloxacin twice daily. After 1 week, the fever subsided and the neck abscess disappeared leaving no pain on palpitation and no apparent hypoechoic area following ultrasonography. O. anthropi can cause neck abscesses in previously healthy individuals and should be included in differential diagnosis of such infections in order to avoid clinical misdiagnosis of O. anthropi infections.

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