Evaluation of probiotic cream by in-vitro tests for treatment of bacterial vaginosis conditions

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Probiotic bacteria are used to treat broad range of gastrointestinal and/or vaginal disorders. A vaginal cream containing probiotic Lactobacillus helveticus (Microbial Type Culture Collection) MTCC 5463 was developed to treat vaginal infections. The effectiveness of probiotic cream was compared with market creams (usually prescribed by doctors) by performing different in-vitro tests, that is, hydrophobicity, arginine deiminase assay, inhibition of vaginal pathogens, ability to produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2),lactic acid production, antibiotic susceptibility against various antibiotics used for treating bacterial vaginosis, and reduction in pH. The probiotic cream showed maximum reduction in pH (4.32), amount of H2O2 (87.94 μmo/l), arginine deiminase activity (1.56), D-lactic acid (3.62 mg/g), and L-lactic acid (2.27 mg/g) compared with all other market creams.

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