Landes Highlights: Intergenic transRNAs regulate common human disordes
TORC 1 signaling in ribosome biogenesis
MicroRNAs in cancer and cancer therapy
Gastric cancer therapy: RNAi-mediated silencing of PDGF-D
hnRNP G associates with nascent RNAPII transcripts
RsaOG, a new staphylococcal family of highly transcribed non-coding RNA
A novel family of plasmid-transferred anti-sense ncRNAs
A family of non-classical pseudoknots in influenza A and B viruses
Tapas and RNA in Renaissance Spain
miRNA, siRNA, piRNA and argonautes: News in small matters
Small RNA-mediated regulation at the level of transcript stability
P-TEFb stimulates transcription elongation and pre-mRNA splicing through multilateral mechanisms
An unexpected role for RNA in the recognition of DNA by the innate immune system
Transposon defense in Drosophila somatic cells: A model for distinction of self and non-self in the genome
Mimicry of molecular pretenders: The terminal structures of satellites associated with plant RNA viruses
Chloroplast RNA-binding proteins: Repair and regulation of chloroplast transcripts
An exonic splicing enhancer within a bidirectional coding sequence regulates alternative splicing of an antisense mRNA
Reaching complexity through RNA editing
Spliceosomal snRNA modifications and their function
Proteome diversification by adenosine to inosine RNA-editing
Plant RNA editing
Diverse functions for DNA and RNA editing in the immune system
RNA editing in kinetoplastids
Detection of RNA modifications
Sequence based identification of RNA editing sites
A novel tissue-specific alternatively spliced form of the A-to-I RNA editing enzyme ADAR2