Landes Highlights: Role of microRNAs in breast cancer
Novel type of autophagy discovered: RNAutophagy
Early dynamics of the human rRNA processing
News on the origin of spliceosomal introns
miR-200b targets GATA-4 during cell growth and differentiation
A two-stage mechanism of viral RNA compaction revealed by single molecule fluorescence
Establishing epigenetic variation during genome reprogramming
A non-bacterial transcription factor inhibits bacterial transcription by a multipronged mechanism
Peregrine: A rapid and unbiased method to produce strand-specific RNA-Seq libraries from small quantities of starting material
Long-distance regulation of Add2 pre-mRNA 3'end processing
Role of Rck-Pat1b binding in assembly of processing-bodies
On the role of four small hairpins in the HIV-1 RNA genome
Small RNAs derived from the 5′ end of tRNAs can inhibit protein translation in human cells
AAGAG repeat RNA is an essential component of nuclear matrix in Drosophila
RNA-methyltransferase TrmA is a dual-specific enzyme responsible for C-5 -methylation of uridine in both tmRNA and tRNA
Distinct binding properties of TIAR RRMs and linker region
Special Focus Hfq
Lsm proteins and Hfq Life at the 3’ end
The interplay of Hfq, poly(A) polymerase I and exoribonucleases at the 3’ ends of RNAs resulting from Rho-independent termination A tentative model
Structure and RNA-binding properties of the bacterial LSm protein Hfq
Cycling of RNAs on Hfq
Licensing and due process in the turnover of bacterial RNA
Archaeal and eukaryotic homologs of Hfq: A structural and evolutionary perspective on Sm function