Are Individuals in Rorschach Nonpatient Samples Truly Psychologically Healthy?: Data of a Sample of 212 Adult Nonpatients From Italy

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The aim of this study was to collect a Rorschach Comprehensive System (RCS) adult nonpatient sample from Italy using more stringent exclusion criteria and controlling for psychopathology, taking into account the methodological suggestions of Ritzler and Sciara (2008). The authors hypothesized that: (a) adult nonpatient samples are not truly psychologically healthy, in that a high number of psychopathological symptoms are experienced by participants, particularly anxiety and depression, although they have never been in psychological treatment; (b) significant differences emerge between healthy and nonhealthy groups on Rorschach variables, particularly on CS psychopathological indexes; (c) RCS psychopathological indexes are significantly correlated in the expected direction with scores on psychopathological scales. The results confirmed the hypotheses, indicating the need to collect psychologically healthy samples in addition to normative and nonpatient samples. Because differences were found in the comparison between Exner’s sample (2007) and the healthy group in this study regarding form quality and coping styles, the authors suggest that future research should investigate the construct validity of ambitent style and culturally specific influences on form quality. Moreover, the Rorschach scientific community needs to have more extensive form quality tables, enriched with objects that are currently not included.

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