Colorectal surgery as a specialty
The post-antibiotic era beckons
Particles in the air: the enigma of urban air pollution
The changing profile of poisoning and its management
Carcinoma of the tongue: pathological considerations in management of the neck
Self-administered disposable micro-enemas before outpatient sigmoidoscopy
The cholesterol-raising factor from coffee beans
Anticoagulation in venous thrombosis
Rehabilitation after stroke: cost-effectiveness analyses
Gout: the last 50 years
Fibromatosis of the breast or carcinoma?
Psychomotor seizures presenting with hypnagogic visual hallucinations
Paradoxical expansion of cerebral tuberculomas during therapy for Pott's spine
Intra-abdominal haemorrhage from mesenteric angiosarcoma
Surgical treatment of anaemia in malignant melanoma
Cutaneous presentation ofFusarium solani infection in a bone marrow transplant recipient
The anatomy lesson of Professor Barge
Aristophanes' Wealth: ancient alternative medicine and its modern survival
Stoke City General Hospital
Plague warning
Surgical Principles
Venous Disorders: A Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment
Complementary Medicine and the Law
Medical Laboratory Management and Supervision
A Century of Arterial Hypertension 1896-1996
Toxic shock syndrome and burns
Hydroxocobalamin versus cyanocobalamin
BSE: Cow politics revisited
Smallpox and royalty
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