Assessment of tobacco heating product THP1.0. Part 1: Series introduction

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We have recently developed a Tobacco Heating Product (THP) comprising an electrical heating device, commercially known as Glo™, and consumable tobacco rods, commercially known as Kent Neostiks™. We refer to this system as THP1.0; Bright tobacco-flavoured variant THP1.0(T), or THP1.0(M) Menthol-flavoured variant. In this issue, we present a series of seven pre-clinical studies conducted on THP1.0,covering the following aspects of its design, development, safety and toxicological assessment, and a paper on placing THPs on an emissions continuum.HighlightsWe have developed a THP comprising an electrical heating device & consumable tobacco rods.We refer to this system as THP1.0.A series of 7 pre-clinical studies, covering the design, development, safety & toxicological assessment of THP1.0.Present a paper on placing THPs on a risk continuum.

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