Revisiting How the Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework Can Be Applied for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS

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Over 7 years ago, the Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework was applied to persons living with HIV/AIDS (Nokes, 1991). This article addresses how new information about HIV-infection disease can be interpreted through the Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework. At the time of the first writing, HIV infection was diagnosed indirectly through the presence of antibodies and one or two medications were available to treat the infection. Currently, direct viral testing is used clinically and 18 medications, which can be used in a variety of combinations, should be available by the end of 1998. Although mortality rates from AIDS dropped sharply with the advent of new therapies, current anecdotal reports are indicating that some people, who initially felt much better on the medications, are now developing viral resistance and life-threatening toxicities. Unfortunately, it seems that as we approach the 21st century, information about HIV continues to evolve and another update will then be needed.

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