ReVisions in Knowledge Development: A Passion for Substance*

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Members of the nursing community have been engaged in numerous debates, some of which are related to the roles of holism and particularism in the care of clients and in the development of nursing knowledge. Others center on most and least congruent methodologies for nursing research, These healthy debates have played a significant role in invigorating the discipline of nursing. If they continue without special attention to nursing's substance, however, they may detract from its knowledge development. By refocusing the debates on substance, that is, on the major phenomena and theoretical propositions considered central to nursing, progress in the development of nursing knowledge will be enhanced. Other reVisions include co-opting some existing methods in knowledge development that are congruent with feminist approaches and not limited to certain strata of populations or certain nations, thus highlighting international nursing as an arena for the generation of gender-sensitive and culture-sensitive theories. Finally, the commitment to revisions in knowledge development means a personal commitment of nursing scholars to health care in general and to the discipline of nursing in particular.

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