Willingness of Future Nursing Workforce to Report for Duty During an Avian Influenza Pandemic

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Nursing students are the future nursing workforce. Exploring factors associated with nursing students' willingness to report for duty during an avian influenza (flu) pandemic, might help nurse managers develop strategies in advance for efficient management of personnel during a pandemic of avian flu.


To examine the factors associated with the willingness of future nursing workforce to report for duty during an avian flu pandemic, using the theory of selfefficacy.


The study employed a cross-sectional quantitative correlational design. A convenience sample of 200 Israeli nursing students completed a questionnaire based on the theory and the literature review.


Approximately one-half (49%) of the students intended to report for duty during an avian flu pandemic in the future. Perceived self-efficacy and working conditions were found associated with this willingness. Male students and students from the Arab Muslim sector were more willing to report for duty during a pandemic than female students or students from the Jewish sector.


These finding may have implications for disaster planning and staffing management in health care settings during an avian flu pandemic, with the aim to ensure optimal nursing care and an efficient functioning of the entire health care system.

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