Valentin Borisovich Aleskovskii (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birthday)
A Way To Develop an Environmentally Safe Technology
Thermal Transformations of Hydrated Titanium Dioxide with a Globular Structure of Aggregates
Oxidation, Hydrolysis, and Colloid Formation in Storage of SnCl2 Aqueous Solutions
Purification of Calcium Nitrate Solutions by Coprecipitation of Impurities with Hydrated Aluminum Oxide
Complexation of Calcium Ions with Dicarboxylic Acids in Aqueous Solutions
Analysis of Electrical Properties of Thin Film Samples in the Course of Phase Transformations of Cadmium Sulfide and Telluride Solid Solutions
Sorption of [Au(CN)2]- Ions from Cyanide Solutions with Activated Carbon Fiber
Uranium(VI) Sorption on Polysilsesquioxanes with Various Organic Functional Groups
Tetraphenylporphyrin Sensors with High Cross Sensitivity for “Electronic-Tongue” Analyzers
Electrode Reactions on Synthetic Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride in Ionic Melts1
Thermodynamics of Lithium Intercalates in Carbonized Fabric
Synthesis of Cement-Containing Nickel-Copper Catalytic Systems Using Formic Acid Aqueous Solutions
Influence of Modification of Pentasils with Alkaline-Earth Metals on Their Acid and Catalytic Properties in Conjugate Conversion of Methanol and Propane-Butane Fraction
Industrial Synthesis of Ultradisperse Detonation Diamonds and Some Fields of Their Use
Hydrodynamic Model of Restrained Flare of Atomized Fluid
Chromatographic Analysis of Isoniconitic Acid Hydrazide Derivatives
A Study of Trichloroethylene Hydrofluorination Using a Kinetic Model1
Polymeric Materials Derived from Vanillic Acid
Synthesis of Polymethyl Methacrylate in the Presence of 1,3-Diphenyl-1-hydroxytriazene and Nitrobenzene
Features of Emulsion Copolymerization of Butyl Methacrylate and Zinc Methacrylate Acetate in the Presence of Nonionic Emulsifiers
Rheological Properties of Gels of Gelatin with Sodium Alginate
Calorimetric Properties of Different Kinds of Polymers Containing C60 Fullerene
Gradient Semiinterpenetrating Polymer Networks Based on Polyurethane and Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Microporous Polyimide Films Based on Blends of Polyamido Acid and Cellulose Derivatives
Inhibition of Styrene Thermal Polymerization by Formulations Based on Quinone Dioxime and Sterically Hindered Phenols
Polymers Based on Epoxy Resins and Functional Derivatives of Polychlorobiphenyls
Transfer of Metal Compounds at Contact Oxidation of Polyethylene on Copper
Electrochemical Preparation of Chitin Materials
NMR Study of Structural Changes in Humic Acids of Meadow Soddy Soils
Development and Optimization of the Procedure of Gas-Chromatographic Elemental Analysis of High-Carbon Solid Fossil Fuels
Trace Contaminants in Tars and Bitumens from West-Siberian and Yarega Crude Oils
Kinetics of Cadmium Sulfide Precipitation from Aqueous Thiourea Solutions
Effect of KBr Additions on NiS Anodic Dissolution in Sulfate Electrolytes
Procedure for Estimating Nickel Plating Rates
Mutual Transformations of Isomers in N-Methyl-5-vinyltetrazole Copolymers
70th Anniversary of the Foundation of Russia's Aluminum Industry