Hydration of Strontium Chloride and Rare-Earth Element Oxychlorides
Hydrated Zinc Ammine Diphosphate Isolated from Water-Ammonia Solutions and Its Thermal Properties
Properties of a Fireproofing Formulation Based on Liquid Glass and Mechanically Activated Aluminum Oxide
Reaction of Corundum with a Molten Mixture of Potassium and Sodium Tetrafluoroborates
Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid Alloys of the System Iron-Copper-Cobalt
Solubility of Double Alkali Metal (Na, K) Rare-Earth (La, Ce) Sulfates in Sulfuric-Phosphoric Acid Solutions at 20°C
Dissolution of Calcium Carbonate in Aqueous Solutions of Acetic Acid
Precision Fitting of the Temperature Dependence of Density and Prediction of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Liqiuds
Electroosmotic Circular Thin-Layer Chromatography
Sorption-Active Materials Based on an Acid-Nonresistant Aluminosilicate Nepheline, Used for Defluorination of Industrial Sewage
Characterization of the Electrical Conductivity of Concentrated Suspensions of Silica in Aqueous Solutions of Sulfuric Acid
Influence of Regeneration Conditions on the Activity of the Catalyst for Oxidative Chlorination of Ethylene
Synthesis of 2-Methylpyrazine on Ternary Oxide Catalysts
Kinetic Characteristics of Reverse-Osmosis Separation of an Aqueous Solution of Aniline in a Flat-Frame Apparatus
Preconcentration of Simazine from Aqueous Solutions with an Immunosorbent and Its Quantitative Determination
Combined Plasma-Induced and Catalytic Decomposition of Phenols
Synthesis and Antioxidative Properties of Bis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) Polysulfides
Composition of Laprol-373 and Products of Its Reaction with 2,4-Toluylene Diisocyanate
Catalytic Synthesis of Low-Molecular-Weight Oligomers of N-Adamantanoyl-ε-aminocaproic Acid
Reaction of Dimerized Fatty Acid with Aliphatic Diamines and Properties of Reaction Products
Preparation of High-Melting Polyterpene Resins from α-Pinene
Reaction of Benzyl Bromide with Mn(0) in Dimethylformamide
Excited Biradicals in Thermal Dimerization and Polymerization of Bicyclobutanes
Influence of Allotropic Forms of Carbon on Formation and Cross-Linking of Heat-Resistant Polymer Binders
Flocculation and Precipitation in the Presence of Binary Polyelectrolytes
Interaction of a Cationic Polymeric Flocculant with Anionic Stabilizers in Latex
Effect of Microwave Irradiation on the Cross-Linking of Polyvinyl Alcohol
Kinetics of Polycondensation of Betulin with Adipic Acid
Use of Organohydridodisilanes for Controlling the Molecular-Weight Distribution of High-Conversion Polymers
Copolymerization of Sodium 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane-1-sulfonate with N-Vinylpyrrolidone in Aqueous Dimethylformamide Solutions
Sorption Properties of Gel Films of Bacterial Cellulose
Hydrophilic Characteristics of Cellulose Treated with Saturated Water Vapor
Synthesis of Polymer-Colloid Complexes by Polymerization of Ionic Monomers in a Surfactant Solution
Synthesis and Hydrodynamic Behavior of Stoichiometric Complexes of Cationic Polyelectrolytes with Amphiphilic Anions
Method of Unification of the Relative Measurement Units for the Concentrations of V(IV) and Free Radicals in Crude Oils and Asphaltenes
Polyvinyloxyalkylammonium Chlorides and Their Use in Pressure Flotation of Lignin Sludge
Influence of the Components of the Conserving Polymeric Composition on Preservation of a Photographic Image
Florentina Alekseevna Belinskaya
Professor Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Krakau (to 150th Anniversary of His Birthday)
Borovichskii kombinat ogneuporov (Borovichi Combine of Refractories)