Structure Prediction for Peptides Capable of Inducing Antibody Formation in Mice
Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Analogues of the N -Terminal Fragment of the Sarcotoxin IA Antimicrobial Peptide
An Analysis of Methyltransferase Sso II-DNA Contacts in the Enzyme-Substrate Complex
Mitochondrial H+-ATPase: Identification of Subunits of the F0 Subcomplex that Contact Membrane Lipids
Hexameric, Trimeric, Dimeric, and Monomeric Forms of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase from Escherichia coli
Hydrophobized Formate Dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas sp. 101 in the System of Reverse Micelles of Aerosol OT in Octane
Deletion Mutants of Human Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor
Theoretical Study of Antagonists and Inhibitors of Mammalian Adenosine Deaminase: II. Isomeric Aza-deazaanalogues of Adenosine
4"-Thio-5-Ethyl-2"-Deoxyuridine 5"-Phosphonates: Synthesis and Antiviral Activity
Syntheses of α- and β-Glycosyl Donors with a Disaccharide β- D -Gal-(1→3)- D -GalNAc Backbone
Heteroassociation of Caffeine with the Antibiotic Actinocyl- bis(3-dimethylaminopropylamine) in Aqueous Solution: 1H NMR Analysis