Synthesis and Chemical Transformations ofN-Hydroxy- andN-Hydroxyalkylcycloimides of Chlorin p6

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Two series of chlorin p6 13,15-cycloimides that differ in their substituents at the nitrogen atom of the additional six-membered ring were synthesized. The compounds of the first series have a hydroxy, alkoxy, or acyloxy group at the 13,15-cycloimide nitrogen and those of the second series, residues of aliphatic alcohols. The cycloimides synthesized are satisfactorily stable and display an intensive light absorption maximum at 710-718 nm. Treatment of the cycloimides with sodium periodate in the presence of osmium tetroxide and with the Vilsmeier reagent resulted in the formation of 3-formyl- and 3-(2-formylvinyl)derivatives, respectively. The conversion of vinyl into formyl group or 2-formylvinyl group leads to an additional bathochromic shift of the long-wave maximum by 30 nm on average. An extra hydroxy group was introduced at position 18 of the macrocycle to increase the cycloimide hydrophilicity.

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