Biological Activity of Cholecystokinin (30–33) Tetrapeptide Analogues

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Analogues of the endogenous peptide corresponding to the 30–33 sequence of cholecystokinin (Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2) were synthesized, and their biological activity was studied. It was shown that, in rats, the N-succinylated Nle2 analogue of this tetrapeptide exhibits increased anxiolytic properties in the dark-light chamber test and an enhanced alcohol intake by both the control animals and the alcohol-dependent animals under the conditions of free choice. Introduction of an isopropyl residue into the C-terminal amide of the Nle2 analogue resulted in the appearance of anxiogenic and antialcohol activity and the ability to increase the morphine analgesic effect in the tail-flick test on rats. The two synthesized analogues retained an affinity for cholecystokinin receptors.

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