Mass spectrometric determination of the quantity and enzyme activity of cytochromes P450
A new method for normalization of the peptide retention times in chromatographic/mass-spectrometric experiments
Fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) in protein biochips
Knowledge-based technologies in proteomics
Proteomics and peptidomics in fundamental and applied medical studies
L -[ Methyl -(11C)]-methionine of high enantiomeric purity production via online -11C-methylation of L -homocysteine thiolactone hydrochloride
Biotechnological production of acetylated thymosin β4
Isolation and structure of a novel peptide inhibitor of HIV-1 integrase from marine polychaetes
Enhancer activity of DNA fragments from the FXYD5-COX7A region of human chromosome 19
Novel metabolically stable and functionally active mimetic of spermidine
Glycosides of hydroxylamine derivatives: I. Phase transfer synthesis and the study of the influence of glucosaminides of isatine 3-oximes on bacterial luminescence
Isoarnottinin 4′-glucoside, a glycosylated coumarin from Prangos uloptera , with biological activity
Oligo(2′- O -methylribonucleotides) containing insertions of 2′-bispyrenylmethylphosphorodiamidate nucleoside derivatives as prospective fluorescent probes for RNA detection
Application of BODIPY-trimethylmelamine conjugate for DNA crosslinking in vitro
Methoxymethyl and ( p -nitrobenzyloxy)methyl groups in synthesis of oligoribunucleotides by the phosphotriester method
Erratum to: “Spiroflavonoid Compounds: Structure and Distribution in Nature Review”