Effect of the Excited 4fLevel of Eu(Fod)3(HFod—Heptafluorodimethyloctanedione) on the Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Complex Formation in Solutions. Participation of f Electrons in Coordination Bonds

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Complexation of aromatic and aliphatic ketones with Eu(Fod)3chelate (HFod is heptafluorodimethyloctanedione) is studied in the ground state using chemiluminescence and in the excited state using kinetic luminescence spectroscopy. The increase in the stability of [Eu(Fod)3*· ketone] complexes is explained by the accepting power of Eu(III) chelate increasing as a result of the growing contribution of a covalent component of the coordination bonds due to the participation of 4f orbitals. The influence of electronic excitation of Eu(Fod)3on thermodynamic isotopic effects of complexation with acetone is established.

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