Acid and Complexing Properties of Tetraazaporphyrins
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Acid Phosphites RbH2PO3, CsH2PO3, and TlH2PO3
Mixed-Ligand Coordination Compounds CdL{(i-C4H9)2PS2}2(L = Phen, 2,2"-Bipy, and 4,4"-Bipy)
Aluminium Chloride Complexes with Nitrobenzene
Tin(II) Difluoride and Antimony(III) Trifluoride as Fluorine Donors in Reactions with Tantalum Halides in Various Solvents
Crystal Structures of Ammonium and Cesium Pentadecafluorotetraantimonates(III)
Synthesis and Structure of 2- tert-Butylphenoxytetraphenylantimony
Oxidative Dehydrogenation in Complexes of Transition Metals (Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II)) with N,N"-Di(2-Hydroxybenzyl)diamines
Monomeric [Ni(2,2"-Bipy){(i-C4H9)2PS2}2] and [Ni(Pz)2{(i-C4H9)2PS2}2] and Polymeric [Ni(Pz){(i-C4H9)2PS2}2] n Complexes (Pz = Pyrazine)
[Pd(NH3)4][IrBr6] Complex
Uncommon Behavior of Copper(I) Tetrafluoroborate and Perchlorate in [Cu(DAF)(H2O)]BF4and [Cu(DAF)(ClO4)] π-Complexes (DAF—Diallyl Formamide)
Synthesis of Silver Complexes in DMSO–HX and DMSO–HX–Ketone Systems
Luminescence Spectral Properties of Europium(III) and Terbium(III) Complexes with Cinnamic Acid
Mixed-Ligand Europium Complexes with Toluic Acid