19F NMR Study of Antimony(III) Fluoride Complexes in Solution

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The state of SbF3, Sb3O2F5, MSb3F10, MSb2F7, M3Sb4F15, MSbF4, and M2SbF3, as well as HF and MF (M = Na, K, Rb, Cs, NH4, and Tl), in a 0.25 M aqueous solution at room temperature was studied by 19F NMR. It is found that chemical shifts of the 19F NMR signals (relative to CFCl3) for the compounds under investigation vary in the 73.3–157.5 ppm range. For the Sb(III) fluoride complexes, chemical shifts in the 19F NMR spectra vary in the 73.3–85.5 ppm range (relative to CFCl3). Although the crystals of Sb(III) fluoride complexes contain different polyhedra that are joined in different ways, the NMR spectra of all compounds under study show one narrow signal. The spectra of aqueous solutions of Sb(III) fluoride complexes do not contain signals of free fluoride ions and oxofluoride Sb3O2F5.

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