Synthesis and Structure of Tetraphenylantimony 2-Furoinate and Benzoate

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Tetraphenylantimony 2-furoinate Ph4SbOC(O)C4H3O is synthesized by the reaction of pentaphenyl-antimony with triphenylantimony bis(2-furoinate). The structure of the compound is determined by X-ray diffraction analysis. The Sb atom in the compound has a distorted trigonal-bipyramidal coordination with the phenyl and 2-furoinate groups in the axial positions. The Sb(1)–C(Ph)eq distances lie in the 2.119(1)–2.121(1) Å interval; the Sb–O(1) and Sb–C(Ph)ax bond lengths are equal to 2.273(1) and 2.161(1) Å, respectively; and the Sb(1)···О(2) intramolecular contact is 3.234(1) Å.

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