Sb(III) Fluoride Complexes with DL-valine. Crystal Structure of Molecular Complex SbF3{(CH3)2CHCH(+NH3)COO}

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Preparative method in combination with X-ray diffraction and IR spectroscopy is used to study reaction of Sb(III) fluoride with α-aminoisovaleric acid (DL-valine) in an aqueous solution in the range of the molar ratios of components (0.25–2): 1 in the presence of hydrofluoric acid. The molecular complex of Sb(III) fluoride with valine (1: 1) of the composition SbF3{(CH3)2CHCH(+NH3)COO}(I) and valinium tetrafluoro-antimonate(III) monohydrate {(CH3)2CHCH(+NH3)COOH}SbF4· H2O (II) are synthesized for the first time. Crystal structure was determined for the molecular complex I consisting of SbF3 groups and valine molecules united into polymer chains through bidentate bridging carboxylate groups of amino acid molecules.

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