Chemically Induced Differentiation of the Cells of Tumor Lines
Materials of the Conference “Molecular Mechanisms of Ontogenetic Processes”
Viral Infection and Cell Differentiation
RNA Interference and Development
Studies of A.A. Neyfakh on Periodicity of Morphogenetic Nuclear Function and Their Significance
Videomicroscopic Studies of the Movement of Mitochondria
Cytoskeletal Mechanisms of the Formation of Heterocellular Contacts
Specific Features of Repair DNA-Polymerases in Embryogenesis of the Loach
Ethical Problems of Science in the Legacy of A.A. Neyfakh
To 80th Birthday of Andrei Pavlovich Dyban
To 90th Birthday of Georgii Viktorovich Lopashov
International Award of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists—Alexander Kowalevsky Medal
Yurii Gertsovich Yurovitskii (1930–2002)