Anodic Polymerization of Aluminum Tetraaminophthalocyanine and Electrocatalysis of This Process by Polymer Perfluorinated Cation Exchanger MF4-SK
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Disperse Electrode Nanomaterials : Distortions and Correction of Images
Electrode Processes Involving Associates of CoNTA– and CoEDTA2–with Hexacyanoferrate Ions in Aqueous Solutions
Joint Adsorption of Organic Anions on Passive Iron
Gas-Generating Porous Electrodes : The Nature of the Low-Polarizability Portion in the Polarization Curves
Gas-Generating Porous Electrodes : Calculating Characteristics in the Low-Polarizability Portion
Effects of Electron Correlations in a Simple Model for Adiabatic Electrochemical Reactions : The Application to Particular Reactions
Modeling Relaxation Processes on a Gas Electrode : Allowance for Diffusion Limitations
Potentials of Silver and Gold Electrodes of ZrO2-Based Cells in N2+ O2+ CO2+ CO Gas Mixtures
Electroconductivity, Nature of Conduction, Thermodynamic Stability of the BaPr1−x Y x O3 − αCeramics
Behavior of Porous Titanium and Catalytically Active Electrodes Based on It in Acidic Chloride Solutions
Photoelectrochemical Study of Anodic Oxide Films on Titanium–Cobalt Alloys
Revelation of Nonideal Properties of the Diffuse Layer Near the Surface of a Charged Electrode
Potentiometric Study of Reactions of Titanium Complexes in Phosphate–Perchlorate Acid Solutions
Vibrational Spectra of the Molten Nitrate/Platinum Electrode Interfacial Region
Homogeneous Electrocatalysis of the Trichloromethylphenylcarbinol Production by the Electroreduction of Chloroform and Benzaldehyde Mixed in Dimethylformamide
On the 60th Birthday of Sh. Sh. Khidirov