From Editors of Special Issue
Consideration of Ion Size Effects in the Diffuse Double Layer on the Basis of Generalized Mean Spherical Approximation
Adsorption Kinetics of Normal-Heptanol on the Bismuth Single Crystal Planes
Crystal Face Specificity of Incipient Oxidation of Ag Single Crystal Electrodes in Acidic Aqueous Solution*
Electron Transport Through Composite Monolayers*
In situ Ellipsometric Study of Redox Induced Orientation of a Short Chained Ferrocenylalkylthiol Monolayer Self-Assembled on Gold*
Effect of the Length of the Hydrocarbon Chain of Adsorbed Aliphatic Acids and Alcohols on the Electron Transfer Probability
Protein Film Voltammetry
Electron Transfer Binding Site of Cytochrome c to Carboxylic Acid-Terminated Alkanethiol Self-assembled Monolayers Immobilized on Gold Electrode*
Organized Monolayers of Biological Macromolecules on Au(111) Surfaces*
Combined Dynamic Model for the Kinetics of Electron Transfer from Cytochrome to a Bacteriochlorophill Dimer in Reaction Centers of Rps. Sulfoviridis
Role Played by Water–Protein Surrounding of Cofactors in Picosecond Electron Transport Steps in Photosynthesis Reaction Centers
Bioelectrocatalysis by Hydrogenase Th. Roseopersicina Immobilized on Carbon Materials
Chronoammetric Determination of the Lithium Transfer Rate in Carbon Electrodes
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