Variations in the Overall Charge and Open-Circuit Potential of a Palladium Electrode during the Adsorption of Iodine and Iodide Anions
Numerical Modeling of Steady-State Ion Transfer in Electrochemical Systems with Allowance for Migration
Effect of Ligands on Formation of Photosensitive Oxide Layers on Copper Electrode*
Bioelectrocatalytic and Enzymic Activity of Laccase in Water–Ethanol Solutions
Effect of Partial Pressure of Oxygen on Its Bioelectrocatalytic Reduction at a Laccase–Nafion Composite
Size Distributions of Silver and Copper Crystals as a Function of Electrocrystallization Conditions on Glassy Carbon
Polyaniline Electrode for Assaying Antioxidants
Numerical Study of Electroconvective Instability of Binary Electrolyte in a Cell with Plane Parallel Electrodes
Regularities of Electrochemical Formation and Properties of Oxide Films on Titanium–Iron Alloys
Adsorption and Electrochemical Behavior of Cobalt Tetra(p-methoxyphenyl)porphyrin at Anisotropic Pyrographite
Disperse Electrolytic Platinum and Palladium Deposits of Submicron Thickness on Polycrystalline Supports
Microdistribution of Electrolytic Nickel Deposits and Their Surface Topography
Simulating Unstable States during the Coumarin Adsorption on a Mercury Electrode
On the Zinc–Nickel Alloy Electrodeposition Mechanism
Kinetics of the Initial Stage of the Nuclei Growth during Electrocrystallization of Metals
Boundary Condition for Electrochemical Growth of Metal Crystal Nucleus in the Mixed Kinetics Conditions