The VII Meeting on Fundamental Problems in Solid-State Ionics
Conductivity of Lanthanum-Strontium Cuprate LaSrCuO4−δ and Ionic Reversibility of Relevant Electrodes
Phase Composition and Charge Transport in Bismuth Molybdates*
Interaction of Cl2 and SO2 with Finely Divided In2O3
Ionic Transport in Dilute Solid Polymer Electrolytes with Amorphous Structure
Quantum-Chemical Investigation of Ionic Association of Lithium Salts LiXF6 (X = As, P)
On the Possibility of Using Protonic Solid Electrolyte CsHSO4 in Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Superionic Conduction in Complex Fluorides of Antimony(III) MnSbxFy (M—Cations of an Alkali Metal, Ammonium, or Thallium, n = 1–3, and x = 1–4)
Ionic Mobility, Phase Transitions, and Superionic Conduction in Solid Solutions (100 − x)PbF2-x ZrF4 and Crystals K2ZrF6, (NH4)2ZrF6, KSnZrF7, and M(NH4)6Zr4F23 (M = Li, Na)
Voltage-Height Spectroscopy in the Ex Situ Configuration of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Microstructure and Conduction of Composites Bi2CuO4-Bi2O3 Near the Eutectic Melting Point
Polarization Characteristics of Composite Electrodes in Electrochemical Cells with Solid Electrolytes Based on CeO2 and LaGaO3
Electrotransport Properties of Ceramics Based on Bi4V2 − x FexO11 − x
Conduction and Ion Transport in LaYO3 Doped with CaO
Dependences on the Composition and a Comparison of Electrolytic Properties of Some Germanium-Containing Quasi-binary Salt Systems
Phase Transitions, Thermal Desorption of Gases, and Electroconduction in BaCeO3, a Base for High-Temperature Protonic Conductors
Ion Transfer in CdF2-based Iso- and Polyvalent Solid Solutions
Synthesis and Electrolytic Properties of Phases Based on Calcium Thiogadolinate as a Function of Method of the Precursor Synthesis
Formation of Composites Based on CsHSO4 and Cs5H3(SO4)4 and Mechanism of Their Protonic Conduction
Effect of Dibenzo-18-crown-6 on the Polymer Electrolyte/Lithium Anode Interface
Electrochemical Synthesis of Co-intercalation Compounds in the Graphite-H2SO4-H3PO4System
Effect of Copper on Solid Electrolytes (Ce0.8Sm0.2)1 − x CuxO2 − δ and Composite Cathodes Based on La0.8Sr0.2MnO3
Effect of the Electrode Material on the Reduction of La3+ and Ce3+ in Fluoride-Conducting Solid Electrolytes