Surfaces and Interfaces in Electrochemistry
Structural Characteristics of the Raney Nickel Promoted by a Platinum-Ruthenium Mixture and Its Electrocatalytic Activity in the Methanol Oxidation Reaction in Alkaline Media
Multistep Electrochemical Reactions Involving Transport of Intermediates between the Near-electrode Layer and the Bulk Solution
Kinetic Regularities Governing the Reaction of Electrodeposition of Iron from Solutions of Citrate Complexes of Iron(III)
Application of a Zeolite-Poly(vinyl chloride) Electrode to Potentiometric Studies of Alkali Metal Ions
Osmium Redox Polymer Film Electrode and Its Electrocatalytic Properties towards the Oxidation of Epinephrine
Thin-Layer Electrolytic Molybdenum Oxydisulfides for Cathodes of Lithium Batteries
Platinum-Ruthenium Catalysts, Manufactured by Means of Ion Exchange in Nafion Layers
Separation of Anions of Organic Acids in Concentrated Solutions by Means of Capillary Isotachophoresis
Specific Features of the Adsorption of Carbon Monoxide on a Smooth Polycrystalline Platinum Electrode Modified with Adsorbed Silver Atoms
Kinetics of Cathodic Reduction of Hypophosphite Anions in Aqueous Solutions
Solid Potassium-Conducting Electrolytes in the System K2 − 2x Al2 − x P x O4
Formation of Protective Coatings on Graphite by a Microspark Oxidation Method
On the Seventieth Birthday of Vladimir Nikolaevich Kudryavtsev