On My 70th Birthday
Striking World of Nanostructures
Clusters and Colloidal Metals in Catalysi1
Activation of Small Molecules by Cluster Complexes
Nanocomposites on the Basis of Crazed Polymers
Dimensional Effects and Intercluster Interactions in Nanosystems
Information as a Factor of Self-Organization and Organization of Matter
Synthesis of Multicomponent Oxide Low-Dimensional Systems on the Surface of Porous Silicon Dioxide Using the Molecular Layering Method
Nanoscaled Structuring as a Way to Constructing New Solid Substances and Materials
Nanostructural Models of Micelles and Primicellar Aggregates
Electrosurface Characteristics of Element-Oxygen Nanostructures on Solid Supports
Surface Nanosegregation of Chemical Composition in Complex Oxides
Photochemical Method of Controlling Dispersity of Nanostructures of Transition Metals