State of Atoms and Interatomic Interactions in Complex Perovskite-Like Oxides: XVIII. Magnetic Dilution in the LaCrO3-LaGaO3 System
Standard Enthalpies of Formation of Neodymium(III) and Erbium(III) Succinates and Malates
Thermodynamic Characteristics of Gaseous GaCl3pyz and GaCl3pyzGaCl3 Complexes
D-Structure of Aqueous Solutions of Cobalt(II) Nitrate at 298 and 323 K by X-Ray Diffraction
Thermochemical Study of Gaseous Salts of Oxygen-containing Acids: XVIII. Cobalt(II) Salts
Oxidative Alkoxylation of Red Phosphorus in the Presence of the FeCl3-I2 Catalytic System
Sigmatropic Isomerizations in Azaallyl Systems: XXII. 1,3-Proton Transfer in (N-Alkyltrifluoroacetimidoyl)phosphonates
Phosphorylation of Per-6-O-[(tert-butyl)dimethylsilyl]-β-cyclodextrin with Tetraethylphosphorodiamidochloridite
Liquid Extraction of Noble Metal Ions with an α-Amino Phosphonate
Effect of the Medium on the Acid-Base Properties of α-Aminophosphoryl Compounds
Electronic and Steric Structure of ClAsX2 Molecules
Proton Migration in Benzene Complexes of Methyl and Silyl Cations
Effect of the Electronic Structure of Carbenium and Silylium Ions on Their Chemical Behavior
1,3-Bis[2-(ethynyldimethylsilyl)vinyl]tetramethyldisiloxane and Macrocyclic Polyunsaturated Siloxanes on Its Basis
4,4-Dimethyl-1,4-thiasilinane and Its S-Functional Derivatives
“Conjugate” Substitution of Hydrogen in the Methyl Group of Pentabromotoluene in the Presence of Strong Bases
Divinyl Sulfoxide: XI. Selective Addition of Carbonodithioate Anions to Divinyl Sulfoxide in the Water-Benzene System
Thermodynamic Study of Oxyethylated Glycols and Their Mixtures with Tertiary Carboxamides
Effect of Direct-Current Magnetic Field on the Rate of Catalytic Hydrogenation and Oxidation in the Presence of Colloidal Palladium in situ
A Quantum-Chemical and Correlation Study of the Ionization of Purpurin
Reaction of Zinc Enolates Formed from 1-Aryl-2,2-dibromoalkanones and Zinc, with Substituted 2-Oxochromene-3-carbohydrazides
Crystal and Molecular Structure of (4′R,5′R,22R)-22-Hydroxy-22-(3′,4′-dimethylisoxazolin-5′-yl)-6′-methoxy-3′,5-cyclo-23,24-dinorcholane
Acid-Base Properties of Cefalotin, Cefazoline, and Cefalexin
Complex Compounds Based on 1-Isopropenylimidazoles and -pyrazole
Coordination of Aza Heterocycles with Macroheterocyclic Metal Complexes in Amphiprotic Media
Coordination of Aza Heterocycles with Macroheterocyclic Metal Complexes in Amphiprotic Media: II. Kinetics of Outer-Sphere Ligand Exchange in Chromium(III) Tetrphenylporphyrinate
Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Effect of Tetra-β-phenyl Substitution on the Acid-Base Properties of Porphyrazine
Extra Coordination of Zn-Tetraphenylporphine with Pyridine, Quinoline, and Acridine N-Oxides
Recognition of the Protonation Model of a Double-Stranded Polyribonucleic Acid by Spectrometry Data
New Reaction of Organic Monohalides with Orthoformates
Calix[4]resorcinols with p-Ammoniophenyl Substituents in the Lower Rim
New Approach to a Natural 3-Deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonic Acid
Is Triphenylverdazyl an Indicator for Solvent-Separated Ion Pair?